Long time users of Lodge are probably familiar with our chat stats page, which was a webpage that listed various statistics about what was happening in certain channels on our network. When we created the new Lodge website, we were still working on bringing over the stats, but now they’re finally here.

You can now access the Lodge Chat Stats directly on this website.

Some of you might be wondering how these stats work. The answer is that we have a bot named Butler who logs conversations in channels he’s in and every night a program runs that generates a unique stat page for each of those channels. Originally Butler was only in a couple official Lodge network channels, but not anymore…

We’re proud to announce that you can now get a stat page for your very own channel! If you are interested in getting stats for a channel you own, just head over to our help channel #help and ask an IRCop (Mike or Sam) to bring Butler into your channel. Once Butler is there, you’ll be able to access your channel stats through a custom URL for the Lodge stats page. For example, here is the #help stats page: http://lodge.chat/stats/?help

We are still making some modifications to the stats and fixing a couple bugs, but they are working for the most part. Enjoy!