Chat Commands

Below are some useful commands that you can use to change certain chat settings. If you cannot find a command that does what you need, feel free to leave a comment below and we will help you out.

The following commands are used to manage nicknames.

Change Nickname:

/nick new-name

Register Nickname:

/ns REGISTER password email

Login to Nickname:

/ns IDENTIFY password

Take Back Nickname:

/ns RECOVER nickname password

Set Greet:

/ns SET GREET message

Change Password:

/ns SET PASSWORD new-pass

Change Email:

/ns SET EMAIL new-email

Join Current Nickname to Main Nickname:

/ns GROUP main-nickname password

Delete Nickname:

/ns DROP nickname

For a list of more NickServ commands, use the command /ns HELP

The following commands are used to manage channels.

Join Channel:

/join #channel

Change Channel Topic:

/topic #channel new-topic

Invite User to Channel:

/invite nickname #channel

Register Channel:

/cs REGISTER #channel description

Add Voices, Operators, etc via XOP:
Add Voice:

/cs VOP #channel ADD nickname

Add Halfop:

/cs HOP #channel ADD nickname

Add Operator:

/cs AOP #channel ADD nickname

Add System Operator:

/cs SOP #channel ADD nickname

Add Owner:

/cs QOP #channel ADD nickname

You can also use access levels to add people.

Add Voices, Operators, etc via Access Levels:

Add Voice:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 3

Add Halfop:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 4

Add Operator:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 5

Add System Operator:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 10

Add Owner:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 9999

Limit Channel to Registered Users Only:

/cs SET #channel SECURE ON

For a list of more ChanServ commands, use the command /cs HELP.

The following commands are used to manage bots on a channel.

View List of Bots:


Assign Bot to Channel:

/bs ASSIGN #channel botname

Enable Fantasy (!) Commands (now enabled by default):

/bs SET #channel FANTASY ON

Enable Bot Greeting:

/bs SET #channel GREET ON

Enable Bot Kicks:

Run these commands if you want the bot to kick users who flood, repeat, use badwords, or caps. The number at the end of the command denotes how many times the bot will kick before placing a ban on the user.

/bs KICK FLOOD #channel ON 3
/bs KICK REPEAT #channel ON 3
/bs KICK BADWORDS #channel ON 3
/bs KICK CAPS #channel ON 5

Add Word to Bad Word List:


Choose either SINGLE, START, or END to denote what kind of word it is.

Make the Bot Talk:

/bs SAY #channel message

Make the Bot Act:

/bs ACT #channel action

For a list of more BotServ commands, use the command /bs HELP.

Fantasy Commands are now enabled by default when you have a BotServ bot in the channel. Please note that these commands might not work if you are using a custom color.

Seen Command:

!seen nickname

Display Topic:


Kick User:

!k nickname reason

Kick/Ban User:

!kb nickname reason

Timed Kick/Ban User:

!kb +time nickname reason

time is given as a number followed by s/m/h/d to denote seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Example of a 3 day ban:

!kb +3d nickname Spam

For more fantasy commands, type !help in a channel with a bot.

The following commands are used to manage memos, which are basically saved messages that can be sent to users when they are offline or unavailable.

Send Memo:

/ms SEND nickname message

Read Memo:

To read your last memo:


To read a specific memo:

/ms READ number

Delete Memo:

/ms DEL number

For a list of more BotServ commands, use the command /ms HELP

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